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Adult Fitness


Monday - Friday @ 5:30PM & Saturday @ 8:30AM & @ 9:30AM with Del Jenkins


Monica grew up on the street, and she takes you there in her workouts!  This small group training will be held anywhere: the street out front, the parking lot, The Yard out back, even the park.  She will pound you from every angle in a complete body workout that will use anything she can find: Big Tires, small tires, ropes, barrels, punching bags, logs, pallets, Kettle-bells, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands and worse…your own body! All the movements will be functional and fun.   This is the only class that you can drop in for and you will pay $15 for Ms. Monica to take you to Unique Street
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Monday- Friday @ 6:00AM - @ 7:00AM - @ 8:00AM - @ 11:00AM - @12:00PM - @ 5:30PM - @ 6:30PM & @7:30PM and Saturday @ 7:00AM - @ 8:00AM -@ 9:00AM - @ 10:00AM & @ 11:00AM with Del Jenkins


Whether you want an adrenaline-fueled, early morning workout, a noon time quick bun-out work out, an after-work recharge, or an after dinner calorie burn, ARDOR Elite Training Academy has Adult Athlete classes that meets your goals and fits your schedule. Our trainers will motivate, push, and inspire you to a higher level of endurance, stamina, and Adult Athlete performance.  


Designed for our Endurance Based Adult Athletes.

Goal: Get you leaner, stronger and more athletic.

If you are an Endurance Athlete, you need muscular endurance to go along with your cardio vascular endurance.  We use a Circuit Based Mixture of Hiit, Resistance and Functional Movement to strengthen several muscle groups at a time, so that you will have the ability to sustain repeated contractions against resistance for an extended period of time.  We have fun and you will leave the gym exhausted and excited to come back for more, because this workout is ever changing.  We’ll use everything in the facility to build the body you have always wanted…as long as that is the body of Lean and Functional Athlete.  60 minutes


Designed for our Adult Athletes that are looking to be Performance Ready:
If you are trying to build strength and elevate your level of performance, so that you can go and do any athletic activity of your choosing at a moment’s notice, then you’ll be Performance Ready.

Goal: Sculpt your body and develop your Athletic Strength, which make you Ready to Perform.

This Work out is a Dynamic and Functional Strength workout designed to target multiple muscle groups, improve balance, and core strength.  This full-body workout begins with a dynamic warm-up with a smooth transition into a combination of exercises designed to improve strength, balance, and coordination.  Then the workout concludes with a series of core exercises that balance abdominals and lower back.   It’s the perfect training regime, to complement your other athletic interest or as a standalone intense workout. 60 minutes


Designed for those Adult Athletes that want to:

Goal: Build a muscular body that can use strength and speed to develop functional power.

The Ultimate Workout for Training for Muscle Building for Strength and Speed, Power & Functional Movement, we will challenge your body as you move through a series of challenges in every plane of movement.  Over your 3 or 4 day cycle we challenge and exhaust every part of your body.  The pace we keep you at will build muscle and develop your heart muscle, lungs and all parts of your body will function together as an Athletic Machine. This is a Three or Four day cycle that will blast two or thee muscle groups at a time, mixed in with the muscle development is a cardiovascular workout as well as agility and functional movement drills.  Perfect for the Competitive Adult Athlete…you will be ready to compete anywhere, against anyone.  Advanced Athletes Only.  
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Custom Small Group Training

As Scheduled with Del Jenkins

Small Group Fitness Classes:

Share a Personal Trainer with a friend or group of friends! You want to exercise, you need to exercise, but personal training and boot camps do not work for you. No problem, we have a solution for you! All you need to do is find some friends with similar goals and a time to meet at our conveniently located Semi-Private facility. The more friends, the less expensive it is for each of you. With a smaller group you get a more personalized training experience, similar to personal training, but also get the benefits of group training (accountability, motivation, dynamic interactions, camaraderie, to name a few). ARDOR Elite’s Small Group Training program will work with each individual to meet his/her goal; even in a group setting! We offer group classes with this philosophy. Studies show that when a person exercises in a group  that uses functional resistive exercise, he or she is far more likely to; exercise more often, eat better, have less injuries and lose weight while gaining quality muscle mass, all while having more fun. Our programs include a variety of training tools, e.g. YOGA, PILATES, Exercise Balls, Kettle bells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, etc. ARDOR Elite Training Academy has a fitness class that meets your goals and fits your schedule. Our trainers will motivate, push, and inspire you to a higher level of endurance, stamina, and fitness performance.  Each class has a different take on the same theme.  We combine HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training with Resistive Circuit Training.  HIIT Training is a shorter duration, higher intensity exercise program where you get a full body workout in less time.  Combining this with sculpting, building or strength developing weight training sessions is the hottest form of exercise to maximize your workout in 60 minutes. Small Group Training is a semi-private group fitness class designed to meet the needs of individuals in a group just as personal training does. Your group will meet for one hour sessions with a personal trainer and build your own schedule with days/times convenient to you. Prices are based on the size of your group and how many sessions per month you schedule as a group.
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Personal Training

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We’re committed to creating most comfortable and effective experience for you. Schedule your training time and enjoy our facilities in SEMI-PRIVATE, all with the personal attention of our expert trainers. Get the personalized, private gym experience you deserve.  We will create a fitness regimen customized to YOUR needs and goals. Get the one-on-one instruction you need to take your personal fitness goals to the next level. Our fully qualified personal trainers will create a fitness routine tailored to your body’s unique needs, helping you achieve your goals as quickly and comfortably as possible, through strength, flexibility, mobility, nutritional & motivational training. Rates Start as low as $120 a month  
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Elite Sports Performance Training


Monday - Friday from 3:00PM to 7:00PM & Saturday from 7:00AM to 11:00AM with Del Jenkins


We develop high level & complete Athletes.   Our highly trained and experienced staff of Division I athletes, a state-of-the-art facility, and innovative research-based techniques, push you to the next level of development or competition, while enhancing injury prevention.  


Designed for younger athletes (ages 9-11)
Goal: Develop functional athletic movement for developing athletes. Introduction of Functional Movement including: Speed, Agility, Quickness & Flexibility.  


Designed for Middle School Athletes (ages 12-13)
Goal: Beginning Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility training


Designed for Power High School Athletes (ages 14-18)
Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track & Field: Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers and Throwers.
POWER SPEED is a 60 minute block of complete muscular development, strength training, and complete speed and agility training 3 times a week.  


Designed for Advanced High level, High School and Collegiate Athletes.

Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track & Field: Sprinters, Jumpers, Hurdlers and Throwers.

Elite F.A.S.S.T. Group Training is the complete program: Functional Agility Speed & Strength Training a 90 minute hybrid, where you receive Speed and Agility Training for 45 minutes, mixed with Strength & Power Training for 45 minutes.  


Designed for Endurance High School Athletes (ages 14-18)
Cross Country, Track Distance Runners, Cyclist, Cross Country Skiers and Tri-athletes.
SPEED ENDURANCE is a 60 minute block of complete endurance muscular development, mixed with high intensity intervals and low intensity intervals to enhance the body’s ability to  maintain a high level of performance over an extended period of time.  

F.A.S.S.T -N- FAR:

Designed for Advanced High level, High School and Collegiate Endurance Athletes

Cross Country, Track Distance Runners, Cyclist, Cross Country Skiers and Tri-athletes.

FASST -N- FAR is the complete program: Functional Agility, Speed Endurance & Strength Resilience Training that can take you very Far.  This is a 90 minute hybrid, where you receive Advanced Function Movement, Speed and Agility Training mixed with Strength & Muscular Endurance Training.  We address repetitive movement and muscular imbalance issues and injury prevention is key to this developmental group.  


Designed for SWIMMERS Middle School, High School and Collegiate

Goal: Develop functional athletic movement for the water, while on dry land.

UDT is Ultimate Dry-Land Training has three different facets of dry land training, all of which are important; Strength training, Core Training and Muscle conditioning.  When it comes to developing explosive power in the water, which is particularly critical for sprinting, dry land contributes more than swim training.  We focus on developing swim-specific strength, building the core muscles involved in the correct swimming motions, while conditioning and balancing your overall physique for injury prevention.  Becoming strong while remaining lean is a key to fast swimming.  The result has been stronger, fitter and faster swimmers.


Designed for High Level Athletes that need movement and explosiveness training.
This System is the Ultimate program for INTENSE ATHLETES ONLY!  We will help you Squash the competition with our SQUASHED SYSTEM,  This program was designed to optimize an athlete’s ability and confidence by providing advanced training for mobility, foot speed and agility, explosive power, linear speed, stopping, evading, attacking and much, much more.  The training is individualized for each athlete or team’s needs.
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Individual Sports Training

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Individual Sports Performance Athlete Training

We are not in the health club business – our unique, conveniently located training facility is specifically designed for high performance athletic training sessions.  Every Performance Coach has been rigorously trained in the functional movement principles, advanced techniques and sports performance-enhancement regimens that have produced positive results for professional, amateur and student athletes in every major sport and athletic endeavor.  They are all Division 1 athletes that are knowledgeable, upbeat, and will push you to achieve your personal best. In addition to creating a customized workout program, we’ll also develop a nutrition and supplement plan to help you meet and maintain your target weight and body composition goals. Excellence is an ongoing process, and all training regimens need to be changed up and fine tuned to keep producing optimal results.  With ARDOR Elite, you’ll have a hands-on coach who tracks performance and adapts the training regimen to continually optimize results and provides ongoing guidance and encouragement.  Can you really afford to wait to start achieving your optimal performance?  Rates Start as low as $120 a month
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Team/Club Training

Team/Club Training

As Scheduled with Del Jenkins


ARDOR Elite Training Academy also offers programs for teams and groups of athletes designed to teach the proper running form, basic weightlifting mechanics & fundamental movement skills.  Athletes will learn coordination, proper posture, and specific movements that translate to their chosen sport.  The training sessions are fun, instructional, and provide a foundation in movement and the skills these athletes can build on as they progress through their athletic career. Call or Email us to day for prices, subject matters and scheduling.


ARDOR Elite Training Academy the secret to our success is our unrelenting focus on producing measurable performance improvements through the best-in-class programming, facilities and coaches.  Initial Assessment & Goal Setting – We’ll start by testing your functional strength, muscle imbalance and physical limitations, body composition and athletic performance.  After your evaluation we’ll design a comprehensive performance training program prescribed to meet your individual goals, to address the strength, power and speed aspects of your sport and position as well as the mobility, flexibility and nutritional components of your performance.  ARDOR Elite’s Programming combines strength and speed training using free weights, machines, turf movement drills, stadium steps, bands, body weight, kettle bells and dumbbells to create an unparalleled athletes.
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Yoga & Pilates


Wednesday @ 5:00PM - Thursday & Friday @ 5:30PM - Saturday @ 9:00AM - Sunday @ 10:30AM with Del Jenkins


Strength, Balance, Flexibility & Mental Control Studies have shown that athletic performance is improved by the practice of yoga. By increasing flexibility and strength the risk of injury is reduced. Mental focus is increased by learning breath control and other yogic techniques. Stamina and range of movement also improves. This all contributes to giving you the edge on your competitors.
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